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Cloud Desk Overview

Overview of Service Desk Features

Issues can be reported using a 'Self Service' page, these can be from internal staff, customers or the general public, or calls can be taken and logged in the traditional way via the telephone.

Agents managing incoming calls can issue urgent tickets to Engineers using SMS Alerts directly to their Mobile Phones. Post fix these reports can be updated with completion details by the Engineer using any type of Smart Phone (no special Apps are required). This works wherever they are located when a 3G signal is available.

Through a comprehensive configuration system, Tickets can have many user-defined analysis fields and data entry fields to suit any requirement. Using this facility Service Managers can track calls using their own defined tags, combined with status, priority, queue, the "assigned owner" and third party vendors, in fact any type of view can be derived.

Filtered Ticket Reports can be generated in Excel format and issued automatically to complete Address book groups, this allows a complete ITIL team to be sent all the details they need to work on critical problems.

Supervisors can track outstanding calls from registration through to completion, they have a complete view of target response times via an overview screen which shows which calls are about to fall outside thier scheduled fix time. An 'Auto Refresh' Dashboard provides a summary view of the status of all issues in the system - outstanding, on hold, unassigned, third party, opened & closed.

Issues logged can be updated with comprehensive notes, time and dated actions & file attachments, such as equipment images, or word documents associated with the problem.

There is an ability for supervisors to insert 'System Wide' Announcements, these display on screen for anyone who accesses the system.

Service Level Agreements {SLA} (Target Response Times) can be defined by site, department, by person and customer - all can be overidden at the time of Ticket entry. A 'Fix Time' is calculated, which always take into account your operational service hours and all Bank & Department Holidays.

Tickets can be sent directly to third parties - who can have their own access into the system to update their assigned Ticket status as and when break fix repairs are completed.

Remote Users {The Public} or Clients can use a dedicated page to REGISTER THEIR OWN CALL or track the progress of those previously reported via automatic emails or manaually issued SMS texts.

A comprehensive 'Knowledge Library' can be used by call desk agents and Customers to look up known problems and apply the solutions found to resolve their own issues.

Reporting and on screen enquiries are provided by status, priority, queue, owner, third party, staff member, filters by site, department or any of the user-defined analysis fields. There is a Multi-Level history of calls by week or month - for example by opened/closed/balance/fix type/user/department/ and many others.

Detailed Diagrammatic Call graphs by day within the chosen month are provied showing calls taken and closed, with performance summaries by year & month for calls opened & closed - analysed against their SLA and showing a % success rate.