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GoPromo - Shopper Marketing


'GoPromo' Shopper Marketing Advertising Channel

(Free Trial for Early Adopters Feb - April 2016)

GoPromo is the perfect tool for promoting Special Offers, Events and Promotions to your existing and new clients.

Simply with your mobile phone, snap a picture of your offer, enter a few details and 'Click', within a minute your offer is promoted to a large audience via Facebook, Twitter and Digital Media channels to thousands of consumers.

It's instant fast and easy to use, you can choose to broadcast your offer to your existing customers only, or everyone in our GoPromo audience via multiple digital channels that we manage.

We create the market and provide the channels

You Advertise to thousands of mobile users

Sign up for your free trial of our Shopper Marketing Advertising Channel, purpose built for broadcasting to mobile consumers, a low cost pay-as-u-go service suitable for any high street business, you only need a smart phone - nothing else.

Ideal for use by a retail operation needing to promote their brand or special offers to regular customers, and attract new customers via multiple social media and digital broadcast channels that we manage and promote on your behalf.

This low cost advertising service (from 40 per month) will grow your customer base and trading volumes, quickly, simply and easily.

GoPromo has been purpose built for ease and speed of use, it has been developed as a pro-active real time shopper marketing tool, helping you compete against the budgets of the bigger brands, perfect for City Shopping Centres, or individual high street retail outlets, GoPromo easily and instantly pushes out your promotional offers to regular customers or anyone who follows your own social media accounts.

Any number of staff can operate the service via their own personal smart phones (no PC's or dedicated equipment needed), enabling discount offers and marketing promotions to be sent out (broadcast) instantly on the spot there and then as often as you like all within the fixed monthly fee.

We provide unique bespoke POS materials for use in your premises, and a simple app to allow cusomter facing roles to invite new customers (using their own mobile phone) to follow your GoPromo account, increasing your client base daily.

Any member of staff can simply and quickly upload a new promotional offer (they just snap it), then use our GoPromo web service to broadcast out your offer to your existing customers (perhaps selecting 'Premium' only) or the wider world instantly.

We provide the ability to distribute your promotion to your regular premium customers via SMS or our combined Twitter and Facebook followers, automatically in a matter of minutes - Free of Cost.

Your customers can share your offer with their friends ("see you there") and new customers can register to join your Premium List by entering their details directly into your address book, you can then ensure they receive future premium offers from you before anyone else does.

Get in touch with us now (Telephone Sales), to see how your business can benefit from our GoPromo Channel Marketing service or Make an Enquiry, we will get back to you and explain how you will be able to begin promoting your leading brand products or end of line items in a matter a minutes.

As soon as we have configured your GoPromo Account you can begin your marketing campaign using this brilliant communication service - on the same day.

Bring your customers back time and time again using GoPromo.

Test Drive our GoPromo Service where you can see an example of the consumer mobile web app for yourself.

Or try out our GSM Text Message Auto Responder, a completely FREE service for your customers, you simply promote your own Promotion Code in your POS materials.

We can get you started within a couple of hours, after you register we send an SMS link to your own mobile phone, using your app you are then able create your first offer within minutes.

Give us a call now to see how we deliver instant benefits to your business.

Want to know more detail? simply Email Enquiry now for a call back with more detail about how to use GoPromo to market your own products and increase your sales from day 1.