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Smart Phone Mobile Surveys

Use our Mobile Phone Survey Service when you need to:

Endorsement from OneVisionHealth

I have found micro surveys to be a highly effective method for collecting feedback and gaining insights into my clients requirements. It is simple to setup and send and works brilliantly on mobile

Sam Beavan : onevisionhealth.co.uk

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Micro Surveys :Quick Setup: Easy to Promote

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Perfect for collecting consumer information, our instant Mobile Phone Survey service for Smart Phones delivers feedback results in minutes. Mobile Phone Survey Features

Mobile Phone 'Micro' Surveys are designed to execute directly from the cloud without the need for the user to pre-install any App in advance, and so are perfect for use with members of the General Public where ease of access and instant results are required.

Ideal for Facebook Feedback

A key benefit of using a Mobile Phone Survey is that the majority of Smart Phone users will have the Facebook App registered & generally they will always be logged in.
Promote your survey using an interesting Keyword & you will be able to generate increasing activity & create traction for your survey via the Facebook 'Like' button provided automatically as each survey is completed.

Consequently there is no need to know anything about your respondents in advance, however, you may need a way to generate initial interest - perhaps by offering a completion reward voucher (an in-built feature of Micro Surveys), all of the offer details can be described on the Facebook page, ensure people can easily invoke your survey by keeping the survey Keyword name 'pinned' to the top of your page.

Publish via Auto-Responder

Using our SMS auto responder number you can easily publish an SMS text invocation keyword, and then anyone can invoke the survey for themselves (our SMS Auto-Responder Service is a built in feature), respondents can feed back instantly because there is no time consuming App Store for them to navigate and nothing to download & install, all they need to do is send text off your Keyword.

Reception or counter staff can send out your Mobile Phone Survey by sending a dynamic text message directly to a persons mobile phone number. You can easily copy this HTML widget and then paste it directly into your own web pages or internal intranet, thereby allowing your own staff to send out your survey directly to a customer after requesting their mobile number.

Promote using a QR Code

Of course you can also promote your survey via a QR code, along with the SMS keyword, both methods will work together, you can publish the invocation information in a magazine, on a Poster, on a bill board, or even on a shop till recieipt.

So by using all four methods of popular media distribution for your Survey Keyword (Facebook, SMS Auto-Responder, Dynamic send & QR Code) you can be sure that your survey will reach the widest possible audience and be easily invoked by as many people as possible.

Promote Using Facebook

Why not create your own Facebook page to promote your survey, perfect for developing consumer interest - using ideas such as Quizzes, your survey Keyword can be used by the consumer to invoke a Quiz directly on their mobile phone.

At the end of the survey, the user is invited to 'Like' your page via the in built Facebook 'Like' button which then promotes your page to their friends and family, perfect for generating traffic and increasing your product or service profile.

Works with all Smart Phones

Unlike many surveys which rely on an App to be found and installed, our survey service is designed using the latest technology - which ensures that your Mobile Phone Surveys work with all Smart Phone types, including Blackberry, not only today, but into the future.

During operation a 3G or Wi-Fi signal is required, the software is designed to work using small neat pages so the performance is always great, access relies upon a local wi-fi or 3G signal being present, so it will work at home, in the office or on the move.

Response Reward Vouchers

'Micro' Mobile Phone Surveys are designed to be quick and simple to use without the need for any typing input, a simple point and tap will suffice, however, they can also collect small amounts of data input including the end users Email Address and Mobile Phone number, this is your choice.

Should the user input their mobile phone number (so as to collect their reward voucher for example) then the system will automatically send them a confirmation response as an SMS text message, this maybe just a message - or a 'come back again' discount voucher, perfect to create repeat business for Restaurants.

SMS text responses can include your discount voucher to be used as part of a loyalty scheme, the system will also send an Email if they input their correct Email address. Both the mobile number and Email address are auto captured and stored in the internal address book.

POS Till Receipt Surveys

Retail Stores with POS Till systems can print survey innvocation details on the till ticket print out, a retail survey can then be used to capture instant on-the-spot consumer views about service or product quality.

If your survey requests the user to input their mobile phone number (this can be optional or required) then 'Micro' Surveys will remember these numbers in the Address book, when you are then able to send out an SMS 'Broadcast', with a follow-up survey to all those initial respondents.

If your survey is sent out to respondents as an SMS text message, it is retained in their phone, after that it is very easy for them to re-use the survey link at any time, this maybe when they get home, or when they come into a good signal strength area, for example - when they leave the store. So respondents can feed back any time any place, as often as they like - when it suites them.

Feedback via Excel Reporting

Each survey manager is sent the Mobile Phone survey results instantly - directly into their Email account, and using the control panel it is possible to download a CSV file directly into Excel - containing all the survey results collected up to that time.

Deployments can be made within just a few hours, and new surveys can be launched as demands require - you can build as many surveys as you like, you only pay for use of the system at a nominal value per active Keyword per year*, access to the control panel for your own staff is unlimited.

Broadcasting via Address Book

Via your control panel account our cloud platform has the ability to send out mass SMS mobile text messages as a 'Broadcast' to all those numbers that have been input by your respondents, which can include a new survey - or indeed a new voucher to be used in a loyalty scheme.

Our Micro Survey Service is able to send SMS text messages from our UK based GSM gateway servers to end user respondents in any European Country, it is also possible to set up a dedicated SMS gateway which can use your own local non UK GSM number, this ensures that your respondents text message can always be free.

Blind Staff Surveys

Because our Mobile Phone Surveys are self invoked by the respondent - they are perfect for use as a very low cost method for engaging Employee Staff Surveys, there is no need for you to know details of your employees Email address nor their Mobile phone numbers, all that is required is for you to publish (Lets say via an A4 poster) the information about how to send off a text Keyword message, or how to scan the QR code, this will allow your employees to invoke the survey for themselves and respond using their own smart phones - an unexpected benefit of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) problem.

Comment Only Surveys

You can ask as many questions as you like for your Mobile Phone Surveys each question is answered by simple 'click' answers - however, you can also invoke a text input Comment Box where the respondent is invited to tell us what YOU think, you can capture this comment as an end of survey Any thing Else? comment or you select this option as part of an Answer Group focused on a particular topic, this provides for complete flexibility for end users when they respond using their own smart phones - just remember people do not like to type in a lot of text using a mobile phone or tablet, so use this facility sparingly!.

Create your own Colour Scheme

You will no doubt want your new Mobile Phone Survey to take on the look and feel of your own company or personal Brand, we support this by providing you with the ability to create a bespoke colour theme for your survey. You can change every aspect of the colour presentation to match any colour branding that you use for the rest of your marketing products and services. Colours can be set individually for each survey - it's your choice.

Upload your own Brand Logo

To match your new colour scheme you will of course want to add your own Logo to the splash page of your Mobile Phone Survey this will enhance the look and feel of your surveys and ensure that people will be confident they are responding to the correct organisation (because your company or personal Brand is presented on page one), we support this by providing you with the ability to upload any number of logo variants into your library, and then you can choose which is perfectly suited to your survey. Our software automatically re-sizes your logo to match the device presentation, for iphone, Android, tablet or desk top PC.

Build your own Survey Library

Using your control panel account Mobile Phone Surveys can be set up very easily in a matter of minutes, you can register your account free of cost here , and we provide you with a free Keyword for you to use as a test or a live service.

You can choose to join one of our Midlands based training days, after we provide you with telephone support and a 1 month Free of Cost service to cover your set up and trial of the system with your particular surveys and marketing plans.

You can build a library of as many surveys as you need to, surveys are deployed via your own Brand Name Keywords where you can operate as many as you like, or simply use one only to invoke each survey as required. Choose your company or product name as a Keyword ensuring that Respondents know who they are rating.

Because the application is totally cloud based, access can be provided to all the players in the process, whether they be third party vendors, your organisation members, and they can use any type of mobile device they choose to access the control panel and see the survey results.

There is no set up charge, you can survey any number of internal end users, or remote customers and clients, they can use any type of smart phone mobile device, and because of the low bandwidth requirements, access works out on the road, or in a Store with any reasonable 3G signal.

You can get started very simply, there are no long term contracts to cause concern, no equipment to purchase and the application is fully supported by comprehensive telephone support, so your team can get going and begin using the system with very little training or local hands on support, so you can get started with the least amount of effort and cost.

We take care of all the practical problems, we run the servers in a reliable, fully resilient environment, and we ensure that your data is fully backed up and available at all times.

The software is fully owned by Applied IT and is operated from our own virtual server platforms via a managed virtual server service with a leading European ISP. New application features will be released as part of any new version at least once a year, when the new features provided will be made available to all existing users.

To read more about the Voucher and Reward features of our Mobile Phone Surveys see our dedicated web site here Instant Smart Phone 'Micro' Surveys & Rewards

If you would like to know more, please find all our numbers and Email here Contact Us or simply Click Here to make an enquiry.

You may also want to take a look at our Services section to see how your organisation could benefit from our other secure and reliable cloud application solutions.

(* Each Active Mobile Phone Survey Keyword costs 240 / year to operate, the cost of SMS invocation and Response Texts are paid for @ 6p each. One FREE active survey is provided per account.)