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PC Security Consultancy Review

Improve your security using our Consultancy Service

Using our in depth knowledge of IT security, we provide a Security Review, we visit your premises and sit with you and your devices (PC,Laptops,Tablets,Mobile) to consider how they are used and what security risks are associated with each device. We also consider the cloud services you use and decide which need enhancing with Two-Factor Authentication (TFA). We then provide advice on how to upgrade your security defences against attack, supporting your efforts to prevent loss of data and identity theft.

Contracts Consultancy Services

Make Savings using our Consultancy Service

Using our in depth knowledge of the IT market place, we provide Contract Consultancy using a collaborative and consultative approach, both with the internal key stakeholders and business teams, and externally with suppliers and clients, to help you ensure that you obtain an efficient and effective service delivery from your suppliers.

Supplier Management - including the implementation of a service review and reporting process.

RFI & RFP Procurement - including contract negotiation, process implementation and supplier consolidation.

Commercial Reviews - including the potential re-negotiation of IT contracts, cost avoidance and cost savings.

Scope of Services - including the on-boarding of new IT products and services with the necessary design and implementation processes.

Internal Support - the IT Teams & Help Desks, ISO900 and the implementation of ITIL processes.

We can assist you in all these areas:

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Cloud Software Development

Fire up your business with a bespoke application

We are a small team of software designers and program code developers. We spend time with you so that we understand and can then fully define your application needs.

We present you with a detailed functional specification of what your system will do, along with a time scale and estimated cost to develop the first version.

We regularly deliver our software applications on time and on budget, just ask our clients, this is what we do, we don't promise what we can't deliver.

We provide a complete solution, we arrange the hosting and all the backups, all you need is a browser to use your system.

We can integrate your application with existing business systems using API's and also ensure your mobile work force can use the system on their smart devices or tablets.

We can integrate SMS notifications in to the system so you can 'push' notify your teams, and provide a JQuery interface for mobile users.

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User Forms Data Capture

Easily Collect Customer Response Forms

Secure Forms is a unique service for easily obtaining information directly from your customers via their mobile phones, their views are returned and captured directly into a highly secure PDF format, which is always password protected, your secure forms are stored in an encrypted cloud locker to ensure that only you can see the views and expressed opinions of those who respond to your requests for information, complete privacy for you alone.

Ideal for medical reporting, or staff and customer surveys, respondents can be anonymous or choose to share their contact details, totally safe for capturing their personal information and feedback which could be subject to Data Privacy laws.

Secure Contact Forms is a new cloud application designed as an encrypted (HTTPS) web utility service for Securely Capturing User Input.

Our service provides the ability to collect and store end user input in a totally secure way, without using any Email or other 'Open' internet service, using an encrypted internet link (our own HTPPS certificate) the captured input fields are stored in a compiled PDF document which is double encrypted.

The PDF document is encrypted once using Adobe's own encryption technique (AES128bit), and this document is then stored under an encrypted secure folder behind a web based control panel, access is only provided to the authorised account holder. Retrieved documents can later be distributed (by Email) as required - but they will always be protected by Adobe encryption, so the recipient will need to know the document password you assigned to the form, this can be sent via SMS so avoiding the need to include passwords in any emails sent out.

For your web developers it is possible to simply copy a small piece of iFrame code and insert this into your own web site page to invoke the response capture form, so now you can request customer feed back directly from any existing web site.

Using this approach enables any organisation to capture end user input in a way that complies with any Data Privacy laws, since all data input by the respondent is either stored encrypted or passed around the internet in an encrypted format, each document requires a password to access the original content, document passwords can be different to the account storage password.

If you need to capture private or personal information from your customers or staff, and need a simple quick and effective way to capture that data totally securely, then our service provides the facility you need.

Using the control panel you can build any format of PDF data capture form, and have a working system in less than 30 minutes. Documents can be stored in an historic archive for an unlimited time period, and where required full key search facilities can be enabled.

You can also use SMS notifications (a feature of the system) to 'push' notify your customers or staff teams, perfect for collecting information from mobile users.

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simply Email Dave Amos now and he will get back to you.

Copywriting & Content Services

'Copywriting' - Fire up your SEO with our Word craft

Writing good copy is about using the right words to deliver essential and successful communication. Creative written communication has the power to arouse interest in your business. Words give you a voice, the right words give you an audience. We can write the words you need to drive new customers to your web site.

We understand SEO, we know that SEO is about using the right words in the right places with the right frequency to propel your website to the top of searches.

Effective advertising copy is about using the right words to communicate your brand, service or philosophy in the right place at the right time.

We can write your blogs for you, popular and well read blogs use the right words to communicate ideas and opinions, this is what we do.

We can also help you with successful internal communication, we choose the right words to convey principles, and convey changes using carefully crafted bulletins to colleagues.

Why not get in touch with our consultant for some Free Advice,
simply Email Gregor Pattinson now and we will get back to you.

'Micro Surveys' - Mobile Smart Phone Surveys

Our Smart phone application is designed specifically for collecting the views of people on the go, in a retail environment where they are most likely to be using their mobile phone, whilst at the same time offering them an incentive to come back again.

'Micro' Phone Surveys are very simple to use, with minimal input required from the user, designed using easy click-to-choose answers, but with the option of accepting small amounts of key input data.

Mobile Surveys can be invoked using our SMS text messaging & Auto Responder facilities, and it is possible to issue post completion 'Rewards' or vouchers to generate 'come back again' repeat custom. Crucially there is NO App to be installed.

To find out more about 'Micro' Mobile Surveys click Smart Phone Mobile Surveys

SMS Keyword Auto Responder System

Our SMS Keyword based auto-responder system is ideal for any company that needs to set up a consumer based smart phone response facility where active URL links can be automatically returned to the initiator.

Here are just a few of the system features:

Cloud Help Desk & Ticket Management System

Our Cloud Help Desk Ticketing system can be used by any organisation of any size to log, track and analyse reported problems. Dependent on your requirements, the user access can be from members of your own organisation, your trading partners, or even the general public using the 'Self Service' problem log facility.

Here are just a few of the system features:

E-Billing , E-Invoicing, Print File Processing

Provides email delivery of your Invoices, Statements & Credit notes using a secure web based service which is scalable from 100s of paper based documents per day to millions per year. We automate the print stream process to capture and deliver any document where there is a known email address (we capture these in our system). In addition we provide a unique email address acquisition service which combines with a paper print and post service to ensure that all your documents go by post or Email. We estimate you can save around 80% of your existing Royal Mail cost profile.

Integrates with SAP, and other CRM systems to streamline business processes.

To find out more about E-Invoicing click here

Paperless Office - E-Billing & Digital Document Archiving

Document Management & Archiving

High volume document paper scanning & conversion to digital PDF or TIF images, fully key indexed to your requirements, all held securely in our off site web storage for archiving and disaster recovery, totally accessible via a web browser 24 x 7 at your desk, or for anyone any where in the world authorized with a secure sign on.

To find out more about Paper Conversion click here

Paperless Office - Document Scanning & Archiving

Scan Directly to the cloud an MFD e-file store

A unique facility, where the web service issues a dedicated email address which is associated with a secure storage folder, this allows you to attach any document, or file to an email and then simply hit 'send', the email with it's attachment is then received by the server and automatically stored for later access by anyone with an authorised sign on. This is ideal for project and programme teams whose members involve internal staff and external partners (third parties), enabling collaboration and sharing of common documents.

This facility when combined with the modern Email capability of the new MFD's (multi functional device, or photo-copier) allows for a complete change in business processes, for example your counter staff can now very simply copy 'proof-of-delivery' documents direct to the web.

To find out more about E-Filing click here

Paperless Office - MFD Scanning direct into the Cloud

Automated Post Room & Purchase to Pay

This capability allows you to automate the capture of supplier invoices and thus to improve the processing of documents from low volume or ad hoc suppliers who send only a few invoices a month.

In these cases it is not worth investing in traditional EDI, but our technology can deliver the same benefits to your business by capturing them via supplier operated web templates, which captures their document keys and a digital copy of their invoice, or more simply via a dedicated FAX number, when even 'low tech' suppliers (perhaps outside the UK) can send their invoices directly into the web store. All these supplier invoices can be fully indexed and coded ready for download and import directly into your purchase ledger, delivering huge savings against traditional paper chase systems.

To find out more about Automated Post Room click here

Paperless Office - Automated Post Room to Payment

SEO Google Page Rank Optimisation

We provide consultancy and services in support of your approach to gaining the best possible Google ranking for your web site. We offer Search Engine Optimisation advice and training as well as our unique approach to driving traffic to your site for critical keywords.

Along with Consultancy, we can provide Site Build & Development services, and we ensure to train your own staff so that they can take responsibility for your ongoing Social Media campaign.

Application Development

We use open source and virtual servers, to deliver to you a fully functional web application package in a matter of months, to a fixed pre-agreed price, we can also provide the hosting service, which is fully resilient and backed up to ensure that your critical business application is never off line.

Blood Pressure Monitoring & Alerting

A very recent development our Blood Pressure Monitoring system is a web hosted service for remote - at home - Patient Self Monitoring of their own Blood Pressure, with an automated built-in trigger level alerting service, checking on your patients 24x7 all year round, with no impact on your internal surgery time, it provides for automatic patient reminder alerts which can be delivered by e-mail, or mobile text, copies of which can be sent to your own practise staff should they not be acted upon, this ensure the least possible amount of effort on the Doctors part for problem detection, this ensures that problem patients can be spotted well in advance of serious medical conditions occurring.

Consultancy in Cloud Services

We have skill sets in the following areas:

Managed IT Project Support

We can facilitate a focussed set of umbrella support services via contracted arrangements with various third parties, read our IT Support details