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IT Support

Applied are pleased to offer to those organisations operating complex IT systems the opportunity to out source key parts of their support requirements into our newly developed bespoke 'Umbrella' service recovery process.

All IT Operations need to focus on costs, we can deliver systems support in an innovative & effective low cost way.

Our approach to technical support is to recognise that those key roles required who hold the knowledge needed to repair today's complex IT systems are not only hard to find and retain, but expensive to employ on a full time basis. This disproportionate cost is harder to bear when typically modern computer systems work most of the time - but are almost impossible to understand when they go wrong.

To solve this problem and reduce our clients costs we engage a pool of specialist associates, each of whom posses particular skill sets combined with years of experience in IT system support. These specialists are retained by Applied and each contribute as required (per event) to form part of the overall solution when the clients bespoke 'Umbrella' support requirement is developed.

This allows us to provide a bespoke support solution tailored to each clients needs (including 24 x 7 where required) without resorting to traditional full scale pre-paid high value revolving contracts.

Our approach is to provide a FREE on site systems audit (one day within the UK), followed by a project 'Support Review' report, which sets out to detail those aspects of the clients support profile that can be adopted into the Applied 'Umbrella'. The project outputs can include those 3rd party break fix maintenance providers (approved by ourselves) as required. Consequently full repair and recovery can be woven into a support process which engages our 2nd level associates (utilising the SMART service) to work through problems to resolution.

The cost of this service is recovered via a low annual retainer, combined with per event (or ticket) charges. Typically the first hour is covered by a 'Response charge' followed by a cost per hour to work through the problem to resolution, including the management time for a 3rd party which is engaged to repair the root of the problem.

All support events or enhancement requirements are logged and managed using our CoolRain ticket management system, which is provided FOC within the service offering, allowing you and your staff to log and monitor progress across all requirements.

We lower your costs through our occasional access to the right skills and detailed knowledge of system support processes, we can incorporate break fix repairs into the complete solution using the same per event approach.

Contact us today for a no obligation audit.