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Cloud Desk Overview

Break Fix Engineers & Support Roles

Engineering and support roles can be fully integrated into the system by the use of Smart mobile phones, combined with SMS text messaging.

In addition to automated Email reports, an issue log or problem report held within the system can be sent for immediate action to support roles with a mobile phone using the in-built SMS feature.

Text messages contain 'Active Links' which are URL links that point directly to an issue log within the system.

The simple act of clicking on the link dynamically loads the call detail into the mobile phone browser window, so the log details can be viewed with a single tap of the phone, there is no need to log in.

Post call resolution details can be updated directly into the system using the mobile phone browser, and the next job taken.

Target response times can be viewed per job and a full history of the client equipment can be viewed on the mobile phone.

Using the integrated 'Knowledge Base' facility allows any previously determined problem fix information to be easily recovered, and via attatchments connected to the record, images of the problem can be viewed, or any required documentation can be accessed.