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Micro Surveys - Sender Service

Send Text Alerts Directly


Micro Survey - Test Example Page

Micro Surveys will work on all Smart Mobile phone types - including Blackberry. A 3G or Wi-Fi signal is required to enable the survey to be completed.

There are two methods of sending the survey link to a mobile phone.
An individual can invoke the survey directly by simply sending a Text Message to our auto-responder,

as an example try texting 'Micro' to this free GSM number 447860034099.
You will be sent an automated response (from Lookat.me) which when clicked will invoke our example survey.

Or try this example below, where you can try out our SMS Widget 'Micro Survey'

This is an example of how you can embed a survey capture option in to any web page.
To try our SMS survey widget simply enter your mobile number below and click 'Go'.
The text message recieved contains a link to invoke the survey.